Nouruz Fest – Razbar Ensemble’s Juniors

The Ensemble roars to life on stage, as the music gradually increases in intensity until they lose themselves in movement and dancing … The thunder of the drum rips through the air—it is a moment of selflessness for the performers and audience alike. Nothing stands still; this music, which springs from the soul, magically penetrates the hearts of the listeners. It pulsates from the stage and throughout the hall. Uncontrolled tears of joy flow as the power unleashed by the ensemble transforms emotions.

The energy level and skill of the young drummer is overwhelming. Prof. Jean During, a musicologist and Vice President of Research at CNRS, made the following remark after the performance: “In an era when sacred art has lost its original aura under the projectors of the playhouse and the media, the Razbar Ensemble is one of the rare sources that continues to radiate the light and warmth that is so vital for the soul.”