DHARMA Symposium

Accepting an invitation from UNESCO, the Razbar Ensemble delivered a riveting performance at the DHARMA Symposium, which was dedicated to the philosophies and religions of the Far East.

The Razbar Ensemble was one of two sacred music groups invited to the international UNESCO symposium, “Unity within Diversity, Ethics and Spirituality” sponsored by several reputable organizations. This important event took place on November 18th, 2000 in UNESCO’s great Lecture Hall in Paris. The symposium was a continuation of the World Peace Summit in August 2000, which brought together a thousand of the world’s major religious and spiritual leaders at the United Nations in New York. The aim of the symposium was to create a synergy between the different spiritual traditions in order to develop a culture of peace.

The Razbar Ensemble’s well-received contribution to the symposium was not only artistic in nature but was also meant to create an overall spiritual atmosphere for the event. The three sessions of the symposium were each opened with a riveting performance by the Ensemble, which chose to present only one vocalist and four musicians for this occasion: a tanbour player, a kamanche player, and two percussionists. The audience was deeply moved by the originality of the Ensemble’s music, the liveliness of their presence, and the power of their rhythms.