Professor Jean During

Vice President of the French Society of Ethnomusicologists; Director of Research at CNRS, Paris

Audiences are not only mesmerized by the spectacular and emotional nature of the Razbar Ensemble’s devotional music and dances, but they are also provided with a unique opportunity to discover firsthand an intriguing culture that has remained hidden from the West and steeped in mystery for centuries.

A Bridge to Unity

Culture at Harvard University

I would like to proclaim my full and unconditional support for the Razbar Ensemble’s cultural initiatives and activities. I have come to know the Ensemble quite well, and have been profoundly touched and deeply enthused by the spiritual power of their music. Their music has an astounding effect on the audience, drawing listeners into uncharted territories of rapture and elation. I wholeheartedly wish the Razbar Ensemble great success in their never-ending endeavor to pave the way for bringing Western cultures one step closer to Eastern philosophies and spirituality. It is hoped that their quest will serve as a gateway to a deeper understanding of true spirituality in the Western world.

Dr. Annemarie Schimmel
Professor Emerita of Indo-Muslim
Culture at Harvard University

Professor James Morris

Chairperson of Islamic Studies at the University of Exeter, Great Britain; Professor of Comparative Religious Studies and Philosophy

The Razbar Ensemble merits considerable recognition and praise for their outstanding efforts in introducing and preserving the age-old customs and traditions of the Ahl-e Haqq, which have passed on from one generation to the next primarily through a collection of sacred music and texts.

A Culture of Peace and Harmony

Director, UNESCO New York Office

Dear Friends,

We are extremely delighted to have been among the sponsors of the Razbar Ensemble. Their message of unity and solidarity, resonating through their captivating music and dance, speaks volumes of their dedication and devotion to promoting and disseminating a culture of peace and harmony. UNESCO is happy to have been associated with this endeavor, which further highlights the Organization’s celebration of the United Nations Year for Cultural Heritage 2002. It would be our pleasure to collaborate with the Razbar Ensemble on similar stimulating and rewarding projects in the future. Please accept, dear friends, the expression of my distinguished consideration.

Yours faithfully,
Jones Kyazze, D. Phil
Director, UNESCO New York Office
Representative to the United Nations

Dr. Dirk Rotenberg

Head of Press and Pubic Affairs, Permanent Mission of Germany to the United Nations

The enchanting performance at the United Nations, co-sponsored by UNESCO, displayed the artistry and dedication of the German-based Razbar Ensemble to transcending cultural and geographic boundaries with their music. The Permanent Mission of Germany wishes the Ensemble much success in promoting dialogue among civilizations in future performances around the globe.